Global Administrative Solutions, Inc. (GADS) was founded in 1994 to serve as an administrative entity for hospitals and independent physicians contracting for bundled payments, episodes of care payments and capitation payments.

For GADS, success in bundled payments and other contracting models is dependent on meeting the needs of the hospitals, physicians, and payors. Our processes for administration are unique to each contract. GADS works with clients (hospitals and physicians) to determine the components necessary for administration of an assigned contract. For some contracts, the process may be automated and for others it may require a collection of papers that are then translated into a bundled payment. GADS has a track record of success with all types of models.

From the outset, the goal of GADS was to provide a contracting vehicle for high quality physicians and hospitals who wanted to lead the way in healthcare reform. The key feature in GADS unique contracting process is the motivation of the physician specialist to eliminate waste and inefficiency from tertiary care services. The dramatic savings accomplished by the GADS process benefits both payors and providers.

GADS contracts with high quality physicians specialists and hospitals who perform sophisticated medical procedures like heart and transplant procedures. GADS facilitates these physicians in the creation of a global package of care including necessary associated physicians and hospitalization. The unique contracting process of GADS creates a financial partnership between the hospital and the physician specialist and and through a Cost Efficiency process, physicians and hospitals can both share in the cost savings generated by the motivated physicians.

GADS also has expertise in the development and administration of capitated physician networks. These networks have been developed for capitated contracts depending on the needs of the individual market.

GADS goal is to optimize provider reimbursement by using our unique clinical and financial expertise.



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